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Thanks to @marc_meyer, @jasonbreed for the #socialmedia chat.

Big thanks @Marc_Meyer & esp. all of you for your 2 pesos. This was a fun conversation. Or content. Umm.. err.. you know. #socialmedia

Thank you @Marc_Meyer and @jasonbreed & all - thanks for great chat today! Really engaging and fun!! #socialmedia

Thanks to @marc_meyer and @jasonbreed for having me to moderate. Feel free to ping me if you wish to continue the SMM convo #socialmedia

Thanks everyone specially @marc_meyer @jasonbreed for a great #sm41 Looking forward to sending the archive to peeps who missed it #sm41 @shashib

Thanks to @Marc_Meyer and @jasonbreed for inviting em along and thx to all you guys for brilliant discussion! #socialmedia
@ dannybrown

Thanks @jasonbreed and @Marc_Meyer for inviting me to host.
@ JasonFalls

@jasonbreed @marc_meyer Thanks for the opportunity to host #socialmedia today. A great high adrenaline twitterrush :)  

Great job! thanks to Marc and Jason for putting these on. great stuff. #socialmedia  

@jasonbreed @marc_meyer thanks for opportunity. enjoyed conversations #socialmedia unpanel 

Thank you to everyone for participating in this #socialmedia discussion & to @marc_meyer, @jasonbreed for instigating it

I think that about wraps it up for today's #socialmedia chat. Thanks to all, and to @marc_meyer & @JasonBreed for organizing!