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Develop Your Social Business

Moderator: Maria Ogneva @themaria

Q1: What does it mean to have a social business?

Q2: List some steps you need to integrate social into exist...

Q3: How do you know when you have a Social Business (as def...

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November 17th: Rohit Bhargava

Moderator: Rohit Bhargava @rohitbhargava

Q1: Do you have to ROCK your personal brand in SocMed befor...

Q2: Does Social Media expertise transcend industries?

Q3: Does personal branding compete with or add-to your Comp...

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Fear Factor. Understanding the value of adding social media to the mix.

Moderator: B.L. Ochman @whatsnext

Q1: Why do executives still doubt social media?

Q2: Do companies have time for social media?

Q3: Are there quick tactics that can be used to build compa...

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The Social Media RFP: How to Get the Best Results

Moderator: Maggie Fox @maggiefox

Q1: How do you formulate a proper RFP that conveys your soc...

Q2: How do you identify the vendors, consultants or agencie...

Q3: How do you evaluate your responses to pick the best sol...

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May 5th: Jason Falls

Moderator: Jason Falls @JasonFalls

Q1: Assuming you are already listening, How do you get “in-...

Q2: How do you know when you are “in-network”?

Q3: Thinking outside of our bubble, what are some ways that...

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September 15th: Scott Hepburn

Moderator: Scott Hepburn @ScottHepburn

Q1: What can firms in regulated industries do to prepare to...

Q2: Who should participate in SM in regulated biz? Anyone? ...

Q3: Where are there opps. for SM strategists to add value i...

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Social Search: Don't Miss the Opportunity

Moderator: Sean McGinnis @SeanMcGinnis

Q1: What are the intersections between social and search an...

Q2: How should the combination of social and search change ...

Q3: Will social signals change the search market in any mea...

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The Lifespan of a Social Community

Moderator: Connie Bensen @cbensen

Q1: How do you plan resources for the lifespan of a social ...

Q2: Do the communities you create need a community manager ...

Q3: What do you do with a community when the budget is exha...

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The New Digital Press Release

Moderator: Shel Holtz @shelholtz

Q1: What value do you see to a social media news release or...

Q2: Are there still uses for the traditional news release?

Q3: How do you combine traditional media relations with soc...

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Sentiment Analysis: Opinions Matter, If Only You Knew Which Ones

Moderator: Katie Delahaye Paine @kdpaine

Q1: How do you define positive sentiment?

Q2: How does that impact your organizational goals?

Q3: How do you know that what you are measuring matters?

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The Rise of the Brand Experience

Moderator: Michelle Tripp @michelletripp

Q1: Who should be front and center in conversation: The bra...

Q2: Are consumers more likely to buy because of the brand p...

Q3: How can brands create experiences in a social world?

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November 3rd: Jason Falls

Moderator: Jason Falls @JasonFalls

Q1: Assuming you are already listening, How do you get - In...

Q2: How does a brand know when it actually gets to - In-Net...

Q3: What are some examples of brands whose fans market for ...

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Engagement through Customer Service: Your Contact Center and Social Media

Moderator: Shashi Bellamkonda @shashib

Q1: When should customer service engage with consumers usin...

Q2: How can contact centers scale to meet the demands of so...

Q3: How can you determine if Customer Service is being effe...

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Trolls or Contrarians? The food chain of social media

Moderator: Peggy Fitzpatrick @PegFitzpatrick

Q1: How should we address a troll like or contrarian type a...

Q2: From a marketers standpoint, is there any value to a tr...

Q3: Have you ever experienced any negative or aggressive be...

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Moderator: Lauren Vargas @vargasl

Q1: How do you measure impact within your community?

Q2: How do you differentiate and/or blend quantitative and ...

Q3: How do you measure cmty efforts if management is outsou...

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The disruptive forces of social content

Moderator: Erika Napoletano @RedheadWriting

Q1: What responsibilities do digital publishers (bloggers, ...

Q2: Is a blog really a blog if the author/publisher turns o...

Q3: What do you feel is proper attribution for photos and e...

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Customer Service's Role in Social Media

Moderator: Frank Eliason @comcastcares

Q1: Is Social Media converging the roles of Service, Market...

Q2: How do you scale customer service in social media?

Q3: How do companies prepare for social customer service?

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Social Media Content Strategy

Moderator: Eve Mayer Orsburn @socialmediadel

Q1: Why is a SM content strategy important?

Q2: How can you make content really work for your business?

Q3: What are the key components of a good content marketing...

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Facing conflict on social networks

Moderator: Meg Fowler @megfowler

Q1: What are the key steps a business can/should take in de...

Q2: How do you face conflict when you're managing a communi...

Q3: What is your personal approach for dealing with conflic...

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An introvert's approach to leveraging social media for business success

Moderator: Lisa Petrilli @LisaPetrilli

Q1: Does social media create a false image of people? Of co...

Q2: Does social media level the playing field for introvert...

Q3: How could an introvert leverage the social web successf...

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Social Media for Non Profits

Moderator: Beth Kanter @kanter

Q1: How can social media work for non profits? (Backstory: ...

Q2: What is the easiest way for an NPO to figure out how to...

Q3: What are some of the best case studies of NPO's using S...

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The Twitter (R)evolution

Moderator: TomMartin @TomMartin

Q1: Is Twitter really all about engagement?

Q2: Why do you follow the PEOPLE/BRANDS you follow on Twitt...

Q3: What kind of Twitter user are you / why?

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Geoff Livingston: May 26th

Moderator: Geoff Livingston @GeoffLiving

Q1: What are the challenges with adopting a culture suitabl...

Q2: How can you prove that it works…What are some examples ...

Q3: Source a list of actionable items to help an advocate b...

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Paul Chaney: Jun 2nd

Moderator: Paul Chaney @pchaney

Q1: Is it important for corp sites to be social? Why?

Q2: What are the challenges with incorporating social into ...

Q3: Can Social CMS solutions help companies bridge the gap?

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The rise of the social index and its impact on influence

Moderator: Chuck Hemann @chuckhemann

Q1: What is the purpose of a social index? Why do we need s...

Q2: How does knowing someone’s Twitter and Facebook numbers...

Q3: How accurate are the current services and Do we need an...

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Re-Shaping the Purchasing Process: The Rise of Social Retailing

Moderator: Alex de Carvalho @alexdc

Q1: How is social impacting retail sales?

Q2: How does Facebook, LBS (Location), Group Buying change ...

Q3: What is most important with social commerce - Branding,...

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Social Media for Crisis Planning & Response

Moderator: Erik Deckers @edeckers

Q1: How can social be used in crisis communications?

Q2: What do companies need to do today in order to be able ...

Q3: Can social predict events before they happen?

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Fear and Loathing in Content Creation

Moderator: Toby Bloomberg @TobyDiva

Q1: Where is the sweet spot these days, in content creation...

Q2: How is blogging/content development changing or maturin...

Q3: How do companies need to adapt around content?

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Changing the Customer Satisfaction Approach with Social Media

Moderator: Meg Fowler @megfowler

Q1: What is a good customer satisfaction score today -- and...

Q2: Is the customer always right in social media?

Q3: How can companies shift to respond to the new reality o...

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What kind of training / education / experience "qualifies" you to do social strategy?

Moderator: Meg Fowler @megfowler

Q1: If you work in social business / have social components...

Q2: Is a facility with social media more a function of temp...

Q3: If you're starting a social media initiative in your co...

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April 14th: Jessica Lee

Moderator: Jessica Lee @jessica_lee

Q1: Are there generational differences / digital divide iss...

Q2: In the social enterprise, what are the skill sets neede...

Q3: What items are needed to create an Action Plan to adapt...

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The Role of Education in Social Media

Moderator: Steve Olenski @steveolenski

Q1: Is there an actual business case with social media for ...

Q2: Is the mixing of the 2 inevitable? Is it much ado about...

Q3: Who is more at risk? Students or educators

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