What is #Socialmedia?


We are creating something new here.

We’re calling it…#hastagsocialmedia. Let’s re-think who’s helping who here. Event planners pack as many anointed or self proclaimed “experts” into conference panels as they can. Typically YOU learn more from the people sitting around you than the self-serving panelists. You share with the people around you and the people you connect with.

#hastagsocialmedia.com cultivates the ideas and experiences from participants to create true value, and actionable steps for everyone (experts included).


The Twitter #hashtagsocialmedia.com is a series of weekly events around the everlasting #SocialMedia


What You Can Look Forward To?

  • Live, 60-minute twitter chat every Tuesday at 12 pm Noon EST on diverse social media issues.
  • Leaders of Fortune class companies as moderators and participants to share, moderate and challenge this group to come up with industry specific best practices, new concepts, etc. related to #socialmedia.
  • People out-side-of-your-box with perspectives in network theories, crowdsourcing and smart mobs for example.
  • Pre-published agenda so you can identify the segments that are helpful for you and your company.
  • Post event summaries archived and easily searchable for reference.
  • Moderated discussions with an intended purpose.
  • Opportunity to engage and connect with those whom you can help and who can help you, so that we all can leave with valuable take-aways.

Expectations: All we want is for you to:

  • Be constructive, not destructive. The world hasn’t advanced with one common viewpoint – nor will the social media industry.
  • Disagree, conflict, challenge each other to look at things differently…but do so respectfully.
  • Don’t give us the same re-hashed stories, sales pitches or anything else unrelated. We can get that anywhere.
  • Raise the bar, dream a bit, throw around some “How ’bouts & What if’s” and make good ideas better.
  • Help us to uphold a neutral environment. We’re all in social media so we totally get that shameless plugs are part of the deal every now and then. Keep them the exception rather than the rule. We will expose you if you don’t!
  • Have some fun.


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