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What Location Based Social Means to Businesses

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Location, Location, Location the 3 key words that any business uses in selecting their real estate customers?

Location based social media tools are beginning to gain traction with early adopters.  Although they have been around for 4 years or so, it is just recently that there are enough smart mobile devices in the hands of consumers to gain some sense of critical mass.  In today’s economy, businesses are looking for anything that will help bring in more customers and location based solutions just might be an answer.

For those not as familiar, there are many types of location based solutions available.  Here is a sampling of what’s out there:

Find places around you: Where, Yelp, Loopt

Check in and earn status: Gowalla, Foursquare

Track Friends: Glympse, Ipoki

Find a new “friend”: MeetMoi, MeetNowLive, Grindr (for gay men)

These services work in a number of ways.  The newer phones like iPhone3G and the Android based devices have geo-location capabilities built in.  Other devices use cell tower triangulation like the original iPhone and some Nokia devices and some take advantage of location services across wi-fi connections.  With one of these devices, you can add your location to any tweet, status update or restaurant review or simply leave it turned “on” to allow anyone or only certain people to track your where abouts at any time.

Notably missing are the big boys you say? They are all either launching or have recently launched their own location based solutions as well:  Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter.  Facebook and Google are specifically using geo-tagging and location based services to capture more lucrative ad dollars from the small business markets.  Seems straight-forward for SMBs, instead of buying impressions or ad-words on local community sites, you would pay to show ads to people within 2 blocks of your store or even pay for actual visitors to your store.

Certainly, consumers seem to be taking the lead in adoption but how can businesses take advantage of attracting these early adopters to their stores, restaurants, clubs and bars?  That’s Jay Baer’s job to help us all figure it out!  This week Jay will be moderating the 53rd weekly chat for #socialmedia.  The details are as follows:

Topic:  What location based social means to businesses

Q1)  How will “check-ins” and geo-tagged content change the believability factor of ratings and reviews?

Q2)  What impact will widespread, instant, on the spot reviews and tips have on customer experience?

Q3)  Recommend best practices for businesses with a physical presence to capitalize on “check-in” behavior.

The chat will take place, as usual, on Tuesday 3/30 at 12 noon EST.  This week you can follow along by following #sm53 from any Twitter based client or simply follow our LIVE page.