How To Plan a Global Social Media Initiative

Putting together a social media plan in general, is not all that difficult for many companies.  This is not because setting up a social media plan is necessarily easy to do well, just that most companies have low expectations and therefore low levels of execution and most importantly integration.  The other part of this is there are really no right or wrong ways to build a social media plan.  Ultimately, if it delivers enough value back to the organization to off-set the costs of time and capital, then the company can/should claim success, right?  One difference is in the company’s tolerance for incremental success vs. transformative leadership.  Often, social media is a way to achieve both, depending on the ability of the enterprise to adapt and execute in new and different ways than are comfortable or proven in the past.

Whatever your reasons for deploying a social media plan, just makes sure it maps back to your corporate objectives.  A plan and executables without demonstrable value back to key objectives will not be well received, funded or supported for very long.

What is not discussed often enough is the difference of having a social media plan for a local geography vs. a social plan across the globe.  First there are simply more small to medium sized businesses who only need local or country specific penetration, next, social is just now becoming “socially acceptable” as a key differentiator in the c-suite.  This new focus and attention is sure to stretch even the most senior social planners at global companies.  While trailblazers like Dell’s Vice President of Social Media and Community Manish Mehta are paving the way for global practitioners, there are still very few and far between.  Why is it so hard?  Developing a plan and developing a plan at scale at two completely different animals.  A few key reasons are:

  • Sheer volume of potential conversations
  • Vendors with a lack of multi-language support
  • Having enough quality personnel
  • Too many point systems and platforms
  • Differing behaviours of social usage (online, mobile, short messaging, etc)
  • Lack of proven governance models (managing risk, escalation procedures, training)

There are not a lot of good examples in the market on how to tackle a global social media plan and pull it off.  As companies attempt this, it requires some know-how, a lot of creativity, perspiration and follow through.  There are not a lot of people who know that as well as Ken Burbary.  Ken is the Vice President Group Director, Strategy & Analysis at Digitas and will lead the discussion on this topic for #sm95.  The topic and questions are as follows:

Topic:  How to plan a global social media initiative

Q1 – How is social media consumer behavior evolving globally?

Q2 – What model should companies use to manage social media initiatives globally? (centralized, decentralized, hybrid)?

Q3 – How can companies understand consumer social media usage across different markets & countries?

Please join us in this online chat on Tuesday, January 25 at noon ET.  Follow #sm95 from your favorite Twitter client or simply go to our LIVE page at  The format will stay the same with the first question starting at noon and a new question coming every 20 minutes at 12:20 and 12:40.

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