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Joining #sm80 tweetchat – Nicole Keith, Dir. Marketing at, a digital development company – looking forward to everyones insights!
Re #sm80 Q1: If all people engaged in SM are expected to create, there would be a 1:1 ratio of consumption – that’s not much reach average
@iMediaMichelle Some casuals feel that the act of broadcasting implies increased importance of the message, rethink the need 2publish #sm80
Anyone have stats on lurker logins/consumption? #sm80
@ken_rosen a passing observation might be perceived as a core value rather than quick thought, so fear the message is misinterpreted #sm80
I’m looking for insights on the frequency of consumption among lurkers–how often do people who don’t create consume? #sm80
RT @mikepascucci: Lurkers may not participate online, but they definitely do off-line, in some way/shape/form #sm80. Consider your entire audience
Lurkers need to be affirmed that their contribution is relevant to convert #sm80
@AppleBoxStudios If the product is relevant to the audience, so is the message–but marketers can’t try to deny the core purpose #sm80
@elhoust Do you consider consumption a form of engagement? #sm80
RT @augieray: @moddedinc We consider consumption a form of engagement. Over 2/3 of US adults are Spectators according to our ’10 research. #sm80
Great hour with #sm80 – thanks @augieray @piplzchoice @wileyccoyote @ken_rosen @ckieff @JoeKikta @SMJOE
RT @SocialSynergy4U: Recap of #sm80 here along w/Follow All button. Also, hit the site & vote us up on Mashable #sm80
Specialties should b developed 4expert social media, but efforts must b integrated 4 effective & cohesive message across channels #sm79
@DavidSpinks Agree–blogs are best mix of knowledge and experience plus more current. #sm79
@DavidSpinks Agree–blogs are best mix of knowledge and experience plus more current. #sm79
#sm79 Sorry for late start – got caught up in a project – set reminder for next week icon smile WP Router Placeholder Page – Nicole Keith, Dir. Global Marketing

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